Tis' the Season


The holidays are upon us! A time for family and friends to reunite, to rejoice, to be grateful for one another. It’s a time of flurries of snow and warm fires. It’s a time for PARTIES! For many this time of the year is full of joy. But for some it is a time of anxiety and loneliness.

For 22 years I have been sober. Each and everyday I am forever grateful and fully amazed for my sobriety. Walking the halls of the rehab, sitting in on meetings for thirty days, private and group, I never would have believed I would stay sober this many years. 

But I admit that this time of the year is still tough. Oh, that first sip of champagne, that first sip of white wine…what a cheerful way to get in the festive mood! And seemingly the more alcohol I consumed the more cheerful I became. But all that was a ruse. Memories are not ones of joy. The memories are slurred words, being unbalanced, driving  when I had no business to, feeling absolutely horrible the following day with a headache and nausea. How joyous is that???

“Tis the season to be jolly”…and jolly for me is a clear mind, memorable moments with my children and grandsons, moments I will never forget…fun gatherings with friends…a quiet night with hot cocoa enjoying a fire.

 Happy Holidays to you all! A time of blessed joy!