Several weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a few days in Boston to do a TV interview and several radio interviews for “Smell the Raindrops”. The weather could not have been more idyllic—perfect autumn foliage and crisp air—the smell, the colors, the frigidity, brought back many fond memories of my college days.

My dear college friend, Mark, who has been such an advocate and cheerleader for “Smell the Raindrops”, put together a dinner with friends of his who were touched by my book and wanted to meet me. I was truly honored by this. But the truth is I was the lucky, grateful one. They each had a story, some such tragedies that I cannot imagine having to live through. Two have beaten cancer twice, and now give back by volunteering their time with cancer patients. Their eyes exude gratefulness and joy for life. One lost both her sisters at early ages, and today puts on an annual event in their memory. One is an exceptional artist who, I hope with my encouragement, will get the confidence to exhibit her profound, thought-provoking works.

We all have a story. We can all learn from one another. We can all learn to love more. It is never too late.