-Smell the Raindrops-

One young woman's journey through life, love and recovery

Smell the Raindrops is a personal story about life, love, recovery, and hope. It is a story of an eternal friendship that crossed racial lines, an unbreakable bond that developed against the mores of the time--Bethany Ann, from a wealthy white family in Memphis that forged success from the automobile business, and Karine, who came from a poor, black neighborhood in Memphis. But they came together in a place that knows no boundaries. They met in the heart.


"Smell the Raindrops: One young woman's journey through life, love and recovery" is the very personal memoir of B. A. Austin told in a series of succinct vignettes that result in an inherently fascinating and candid account of her life experiences, the events and the people that comprised formed and comprised her world. Exceptionally well written, organized and presented, "Smell the Raindrops" is an extraordinary and consistently engaging read from first page to last and very highly recommended for community library American Biography collections. -The Midwest Review


-what Amazon Readers are Saying-

"The values, faith and unconditional love Bethany Ann cherished from her childhood nanny helped her find the courage and confidence to overcome her self-destructive behaviors….I found the book to be very inspiring."
"Written with love, heart, and authenticity. BA Austin writes with such transparency in regards to addiction, and overcoming what many think impossible.”
"...keen insight and quiet strength...through segregation, addiction, and seemingly endless loss…exhilarating….I could not put this book down!”